Small countries with great people !

Sorry for the delay to thank you all. We spent so much good times out in the nature that it was not so often that we have both time and a good Internet connection …

Rodbyhavn, Denmark, 2016/07/29

Cycling through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, we met lots of very kind and smart people. They allowed us to better understand the specificity of each country and shared with us a bit of their family life. We enjoyed it a lot.

We want to deeply thank all of you who helped, hosted and/or met us all along our three weeks cycling from Tallinn to Klaipeda.

Especially we want to thanks a lot :

  • Jaanika and Kaur from Tallinn. A Couchsurfer’s family with whom we shared some wonderful diners and discussions.P6267924
  • The family of Sindy who offered us to spend the night in their very comfortable sauna house in their garden bordering a calm and beautiful river.P6308190
  • Andjali and Camille (, a young French couple back from a long cycling trip in Eurasia. We cycled with them for two days together in Latvia. That was very nice to share some cycling stories with you and to get a breath of fresh air in our cycling family day to day life.P7018210
  • The old lady in Vecsalaca who let all the seven of us and our three tents to spend the night in her garden even being able to use her barbecue grill.P7028245
  • Davis Linde from Warmshowers, his father, his godmother, his daughter Martha and also Laura and Paulina for their amazing welcome in Sigulda. It was a real pleasure to discuss, cook, taste lots of different local beers and play with them.P7048278
  • Alex (Warmshowers) and his daughter in Riga. We had a very good and interesting evening with them. We understand more about the soviet era after listening to Alex family story. We hope that we will meet again for some grape picking in le Bordelais.P7078340
  • Michael (Warmshowers), his mother Daria and his brother Kristian from Jürmala. We were supposed to stay one night there but both our children and us were so well that we happily agreed to extend our stay. We were then able to enjoy together some river bathing and blueberries picking.
    We could also use the kitchen to cook some French food for the dinner. It was really nice to know more about this true world citizen family. Daria is from Russia. Her husband from Latvia. Their children were born in Australia, USA or Europe. They are living in Brussels. Some children go to the French school and they nearly all speak English, Latvian, Russian …P7098460
  • Martins (Warmshowers), Agnese and Ernest in Grobina. They hosted us with an already prepared dinner after a difficult face wind cycling day. It was a real blessing for all the family. Martin has also kindly tour me around his city.P7138621
  • Tom, Steffi and their children Mateo and Lucas. A German family touring by bicycle around Nordic countries. After meeting in a street in Lithuania we decided to camp together and spend the following day cycling together.P7158711
  • And last but not least: Maksim (Couchsurfing), Kristina and their daughters Paula and Katerina in Klaïpeda (Lithuania). Despite many changes in our planning, they hosted perfectly and we were so glad to cook the dinner for them. What a great evening to finish our trip in Baltic countries !P7168717
  • We also want to thank all the people who let us pitch our tents in their backyard, gave us some fruits, water (even hot for bathing), etc.

We all keep very good memories of our trip in your countries thanks to people like you. We are so proud that you and us are all citizens of this great European Union.

Hope to see you in France. You’re most welcome home !

9 Commentaires (+ vous participez ?)

  1. Pierre Brugidou
    Août 02, 2016 @ 16:19:25

    Dziekuje. Cela veut dire merci en Polonais…
    A vrai dire nous avons davantage utilisé l’Anglais pendant les JMJ que le Polonais qui semble être une langue difficile.
    Merci, donc, pour ce beau reportage en images !

    A très vite d’ici au 15 août.
    Bien amicalement.




  2. Rétrolien: Les pays baltes en images | Les Cham à vélo !
  3. Manue la Terre
    Juil 29, 2016 @ 17:30:53

    Salut les Cham,
    Merci pour ce petit intermède in english. çà change, çà fait du bien, c’est unifiant 🙂




  4. Sylvia
    Juil 29, 2016 @ 16:34:34

    Quelle chance de partager des instants de vie avec des personnes si différentes, mais avec l’ouverture à l’autre comme point commun.
    De mon côté je partage une semaine avec 39 musiciens d’horizons très divers et nous trouvons un langage commun avec la musique à longueur de journée (et de nuit!), immergés dans un havre de paix et de verdure. La vie est belle !
    Bises et à bientôt



    • leschamavelo
      Août 02, 2016 @ 23:34:47

      Oui la Vie est belle ! Profitons-en et tentons de la rendre ainsi à d’autres. C’est la meilleure manière de lutter contre les fanatismes mortifères en tout genres!


  5. Nancy Chamussy
    Juil 29, 2016 @ 16:24:17

    bonne leçon d’anglais …et de rencontres humaines fabuleuses

    Camping de roi prés du lac avec la cabane pour se chauffer .

    ici ,il fait chaud…tres chaud;

    Il me semble que les enfants ont grandi et se sont allongés

    Julien, Marie et leur 3 garçons sont parti eux aussi mais pour 5 /6 mois mercredi 27 pour le continent amérique du Nord et vont aussi tenter un tourisme de découverte avec Oscar 7 ans, Victor 5 ans et Simon 9 mois..On découvre et apprend à tout age !!






    • leschamavelo
      Août 02, 2016 @ 23:37:12

      Salut Nancy,
      Les enfants évoluent à toutes vitesses… ça fait presque peur à leurs parents parait-il !
      Très heureux d’apprendre le départ de Julien et Marie-Pierre pour leur périple!
      A l’aventure !


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